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Nature at its best

Thanks for visiting our page and thinking of holidaying in the Highlands. If you’re interested in wildlife; you’re probably only interested in the one ‘money shot’ of Nessie herself. We can suggest Dores as a good spot to start the hunt for her, but if you’re open to seeing other wildlife, you’ll not be disappointed!

Melfort Estate

Our estate includes the 200 acre Distillery Wood which is where you’ll find Turin Nurin Cottage. It was planted as a commercial woodland with a mix of pine and spruce trees and has been part felled in recent years replacing many parts with native broadleaf trees. As such, the deer love calling it home (as do we) and you’ll regularly spot our herd of 20 ‘pet’ red deer in the forest. Rabbits run wild on the lawns, red squirrels are in the trees, red kites soar overhead and pheasants will pay a visit also. Within the grounds of your holiday home, you’ll see all of these and more on your average visit!

Wildlife Park

Venture south and you can visit the Highland Wildlife Park and roam around the elk, bears, tigers, leopards and reindeer to name but a few. It’s open year round but we recommend you pop on their website for info.

Dolphins & Seals

In the Moray Firth, connecting River Ness to the North Sea, you will regularly see dolphins and seals and many seabirds. Several cruises are available which will help you spot them and we suggest you check out Dolphin Spirit if you would like to take a boat trip out and see the sights.

Exotic Animals

For the braver amongst our visitors, a half hours drive to Nairn is worth taking to visit Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue. This charity is home to multiple species of snakes amongst others. We’re a big supporter of this charity and recommend the trip to see and hold these amazing creatures that have been rescued from homes around the north.

For the keen photographer, you’ll thoroughly enjoy a trip to the Highlands and leave feeling content with being immersed in nature. We would love to see your images of wildlife - use the hashtag #melfortestate and we will be delighted to share on our channels.

Angus | Melfort Estate

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