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We’re in the middle of lockdown and all we can think about is what we are having for our next treat meal - this especially the case when the covid outbreak has meant so many businesses remain closed or are operating reduced menus. However, you’ve come to the right place for some inspiration on what’s available as we have spent lockdown sampling food from across the area (all in the name of research of course)! This list includes both places open prior to lockdown and those operating now so should you be thinking of visiting in 2020 or 2021, the options will be relevant and mouth watering....

Afternoon Tea

A go to treat for celebrations and nothing tastes quite like it on a sunny summery afternoon. If you’re looking to sit in, you’d be daft not to relax in the comfort of the lounges at the Kingsmills Hotel where you’ll find anyone who’s anyone enjoying delicious food. Delivering around Inverness (or organise a collection) is Ness Side Catering Co. We sampled both their afternoon tea and their grazing boxes and were delighted with the quality and quantity of savoury and sweet delicacies.


If you’re looking for a night off cooking, our go to Indian takeaway is The Wee Delhi in Milton of Leys. On the south side of the city, you don’t need to venture far off the A9 to collect and the establishment leads the way in cleanliness and professionalism. The curries, naans and sides are gorgeous also!


A good Chinese can be hard to come by in Inverness and we’ve sampled quite a few (for research purposes of course!). Our favourite is Millburn Takeaway. Just off the A9 and easy to find, the food is of good quality and the staff are always super helpful.


Accompanied by a beer or a wine and eaten with friends, a pizza is the perfect social dinner. While you can find your chain stores in Inverness, we recommend going local with a wood fired pizza from Cheese & Tomatin. The owners are from the village (hence the name) and although their takeaway shop is in the centre of Inverness, it’s worth going in for. Plus they sometimes do a pop up in the village on a Saturday night.

While this is a limited selection, we could ramble on all day about the various different options - Inverness boasts a variety of cuisines and we have recommendations for Jamaican, Turkish and Mexican eateries to name but a few. Drop us a message for more inspiration and keep an eye on our social channels as we are always on the lookout for new eateries and love sharing all the food and drink our local businesses have to offer.

Angus | Melfort Estate

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