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GALLERY: A winter in lockdown

With 2020, the year of lockdowns and restrictions, put gladly behind us we were optimistic in the approach to this new year that we would see the back of the disruption from the Coronavirus outbreak. What we certainly could not have predicted last summer, was that we would be plunged back into a national lockdown in the first month of 2021.

For the most part, however, we have enjoyed the cold temperatures that have swept across the north of Scotland since mid December 2020. Being locked down under a blanket of snow has its advantages - it encourages you to enjoy a slower pace of life and we have been making the most of enjoying some sledging, quad-biking, sipping mulled wine on walks, having drinks around the firepit and on clear nights where the clouds lift, some gloriously star studded skies.

Here are some pictures from Melfort Estate from our snow covered special part of the world.


Images courtesy of Gudren | Tomatin 2021

Images courtesy of Alex & Angus Macleod | January 2021

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